- Screw any 510 cartridge into sized magnetic adapter of your choice.

- Insert cartridge and adapter group into the top of PCKT device.

- Turn on device with 5 clicks of bottom function button.

- Choose 3.5w or 4.1w with 2 click power mode function.

*If using concentrate coil, activate preheat function by holding function button.

Device will activate while button is held. LED will flash from red to green rapidly.

- Inhale from tip of cartridge to activate the Auto-inhale feature.

- 5 presses of the function button will power off device when not in use.

Power on/off

Press the function button 5 times in quick succession within two seconds. The indicator LED will flash 3 times to show the device is ready for use. The 5 press function will also power off the device.


The device can be charged by connecting it with a 5V wall adapter or computer via the USB cable provided. The charging indicator LED is red during charging and will turn green when the device is fully charged.

Power modes

This device has 2 power modes that are activated with numbered presses on the bottom function button. Power mode is indicated by numbered flashes of the indicator LED as follows:


This device comes with Three (3) separate magnetic adapters for different sized cartridges.   Bottom airflow styled cartridges attach to the magnetic adapters via 510 threading at the base of the cartridge. Wide 1ml cartridges attach to the Extendo adapter and will sit flush with top deck of PCKT device. Adapters are meant to last the life of the device and should not be thrown away when cartridges are finished.