GRND Collector

GRND Collector Grinder is a handheld grinder designed to give you the best possible grinding experience of any herb shredder out there. Made entirely out of Aluminum the GRND Grinder has durable teeth that give you consistent grinds every time, no matter if it’s your first time using it or the 1000th time. With a superior grip unlike any other, the GRND Grinder makes it easy to shred even the toughest and stickiest of herbs. Clean up and using the Grinder just got a whole lot easier with a ceramic coating that prevents buildup and friction from regular use. A unique tooth design and pattern allows for easy filling, cleaning and shredding. 

One unique feature the Grinder has a tastefully added Pick on the bottom of the grinder so you can compact your joints, blunts or whatever you are trying to spark up on the go.